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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  February 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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nasty winds nearly knock people off their feet. the damage left behind after strong storms roll by. >> i'm kevin lemanowicz, heavy rain, strong winds clearing out tonight but not before doing some damage. where ice something a concern for morning and temperatures drop overnight. >> then the real life nightmare passengers couldn't escape from. >> i was certain that the plane was going to crash. >> reporter: the turbulent flight that keeps getting diverted force flyers to take the long way home. >> and new at 10:00, the skiers that turned the city of boston into their playground. s. coming up, breaking news, describing what witnesses describe as a chaotic situation on the mta line tonight.
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hopping out the train' window. good evening, earn i'm mark ockerbloom. and i'm vanessa welch. let's get out to fox 25's kathryn burcham with the breaking details. katherine. >> we're standing here outside of state street station with the other passengers. they're waiting outside because as you can see the doors are closed, fire crews still inside. the fire chief actually just came out and said he'll be giving us an update momentarily, so standby. we will have more details for you. stand by for one second, actually. >> i do want to show you some video that we just got from the scene from one of those passengers who was on the subway after he says her train began dragging part of the rail. heather parker says her orange line train was making a scary grinding sound when suddenly she a blast. she says the subway car
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the train pulled into state street stop where everyone began evacuating and smoke began filling the tunnel. parker took pictures as a second car pulled in and people inside that car began panicking, kicking out a window on the car so that they could jump out. >> somebody kicking the glass out the window, they must feel some sort of panic. you can imagine highway frightening that was for people inside the tunnel. and parker told me there were no mta workers on the platform at the time to tell people what was going on or help them get out of the train safely. as you just heard, we are waiting on chief o'neill to come out and give us the latest details on exactly what happened, what type of debris might have caused this and when things might get back to normal for the mta. we'll bring you any develops as we have them, i'm kathryn
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also breaking at this hour, firefighters tell us the strong winds from today's storms knocked down a brick wall at a local car dealership. we actually alerted firefighters to this situation. our crew is on scene right now working to get you more information and we'll bring that to you just as soon as we can. but first... that is another look at how powerful the strong line of storms was as it moved through our area. these people were nearly swept away on beacon street no one boston. at one point the wind was gusting over 60 miles per hour in some places. and although those winds have died down somewhat, the threat is not over tonight. >> fox 25's bringing you live team coverage tonight at 10:00. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz exposes the threat outside right now, but we begin with malini basu live in wellesey where people are assessing the damage from downed trees trees and power lines.
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half or so folks in this neighborhood finally have the power back on but it all happened right in front of this house directly behind me here. there was a nanny and three small children at home, cooking dinner. all of a sudden the explosion and tree came crashing down and the nanny grabbed all of the three children and hid in the basement. >> i grabbed hem both and held them close. >> reporter: winds were uprooted and the winds knocked down a transformer line. >> just a boom. >> reporter: luckily it crashed on the driveway of this house, it happened around 5:30. >> i looked out and put the kids in the basement, called the mom, did what i could and turned everything off and it was frightening, yeah. >> reporter: detective o'keeffe, a nanny, and three young children were home when the transformer line exploded. >> there was three loud
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much went out. a big tree smashed in the driveway. >> reporter: neighbors were left without power for nearly three hours. >> our lights were on until a couple of minutes ago and we heard an explosion and small flash and the lights went out. >> when we came up and saw the lines were down. >> reporter: crews wasted no time and cleaned up the mess. >> they're very lucky and very fortunate that this turned out the way it did. injuries reported. as for the campbell family, they are headed to grandma's house for the night, and the 23-year-old man, he also tells fox 25 she has never experienced anything like this in her 22 years, she said i thought i was going to, quote, die. for now, live in wellesey tonight, malini basu, fox 25 news. fox 25's chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz, the worst of the rain and wind is gone but more than 5,000 people are still without power. your concern tonight is black ice, kevin. >> all those winds, incredible wind gusts bringing down the power lines and causing the
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think it would blow everything dry. after the rain we had today, though, it's not the case. 64 mile-per-hour wind gusts in fairhaven. also rockport, cape ann, 60 miles per hour. milton 60. worcester at the airport, 56 miles per hour clearly these are powerful wind gusts and tonight those wind gusts have died down to more normal levels. still gust as high as 31 miles per hour across the area. all brought by this incredible line of storms that came on through with the heavy rain and strong winds. that's a cold front, and behind it drier air. clearing skies right through the morning. that means temperatures are dropping out there. check this out. in worcester, it's down to 46 degrees. overnight tonight with the clear skies, you'll expect the temperatures to drop down below freezing. that will be the case everywhere west of 128 and even some towns along 128. what that means for new the morning is that your roadways, your walkways and the untreated roads and the roads where the treatment was washed away from the last storm by the rain today, this he'll have some ice
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we'll talk more about those temperatures, the drop that's ahead, and look ahead to our next threat for some rain and snow. >> kevin, we'll see you in less than a half-hour and with the temperatures freezing, causing concern for black ice, be sure to wake up with the fox 25 morning news. shiri will be keeping a close eye on the changing conditions and julie will have her eyes peeled on the road. fox 25 morning news gets started at 4:00 a.m. a terrifying story about a mother and her baby carjacked by a criminal. the frightening encounter happened this afternoon at the westgate he mall in brockton. john monahan has been working the story for us all night and live this stoughton where the chase for the suspect came to a crashing end. john. >> that's right. a short time ago we spoke to the mother by phone but she told us she was too upset to go on camera. the man ultimately slammed into
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the street but not before he stole their car. >> it was scary. >> reporter: still shaken by what she saw, bonnie says it all started with a loud crash. >> first we heard the thunk as the car hit the pole out here. >> reporter: the toyota camary coming to a crashing halt on the corner of boylston street in stoughton, wrapping around this telephone pole. police say news before 32-year-old jose robles carjacked this vehicle, demand canning a mother trying to put her infant into the car seat hand over her keys. >> i found out afterwards that it came from the mom, this poor woman and her baby. thank god he didn't take them, too. >> reporter: state police saw the carjacked camary and pursued the driver. he lost it, slamming into this pole. that's when bonnie saw the man inside hop out and take off. >> i looked out the kitchen window, saw a guy jump out of the passenger's side, running up the street. >> moments later, police arrived.
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yelling at the suspect who was running away. >> pulled his gun, which was scary, and i heard him yell put down your gun. >> the suspect tossed his gun into a snow bank. turns out it was a pellet gun, but looked like the real thing. >> who knew. >> a gun looks like a gun. >> the mother did know if the begin was real or not either. tonight she tells fox 25 that she and hierophants are fine. as for robles, tonight he's in custody of the rockaway police. fox 25 news. the discovery of a woman's body in malden is being investigated as a homicide. police conducting a welfare check found the wop dead in her apartment. fox 25 has learned the woman's car was missing from the cliff side commons on broadway. no arrests tonight. neighbors say they are concerned that they were not told a crime scene was in the building.
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something like that happening,. >> police do not believe this is a random act so there's no general safety concern for the public. >> a police chase ends with this crash in malden and an armed robbery suspect is taken into custody. the suspect was wanted in robberies in malden and revere including one at the 7-eleven this afternoon. witnesses describe for us the hectic end to the chase. he came by, swiped my car and took that car out. he hit the right side of the car, spun him out and put him in the walgreens parking lot. >> we are still working to get you more details on the suspect and the charges he's facing tonight. >> new at 10:00, a local correction's officer is charged with trafficking heroin. 40-year-old steven labrew of swansea had been working there but selling drugs while off-duty. after weeks of investigation, the state police gang unit and
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afternoon. he'll be arraigned in fall river in the morning. a man will be in court tomorrow after police say he hit a teen with his truck on purpose. 21-year-old calvin susza has been charged with assault with intent to murder in friday's hit and run in lowell. witnesses told police the 15-year-old on a bike was arguing with susza, and then susza hit the teen with his truck and took off. the teen remains in the hospital tonight but is in stable condition. >> take a look here at the startling shot of a car fire. it's all new at 10:00. it happened in rutland on route 68 near the holden line. rescue crews say the car hit a tree and caught fire. the 34-year-old woman driving and the passenger were both taken to u-mass medical center for evaluation. rutland police are investigating the cause. a local restaurant severely damaged by a fire is getting ready to start rebuilding. the owner of the gas company in portsmith, new hampshire, tells seacoast online they're hoping to re-open by late may or early june. back in december a fire ripped through the restaurant.
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a wood fire oven. after months of working with insurance, a permit has finally been grantedded to begin working on the market street restaurant this week. the fire chief is speaking about the problems on the orange line near the mbta. >> mbta has conducted an investigation as to how that got on the tracks. but everyone is safely evacuated >> was there a fire down there at all? what it was is a heated motor which resulted in heavy smoke smoke condition. the train that was impacted, that train has already moved. but, you know, they saw fit to do that and from what i
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people who, you know, may have panicked, respond differently, you know, to the conditions down there. i'm not sure. >> fire chief o'neill saying some overheated motors caused the smoke on the orange line of of the mbta. he says no one was hurt and the passengers just panicked and crawled out the window but he said tonight no one was hurt and they're still investigating more tonight. >> and the overheated bottom of the train there actually created the smoky situation and understandably it gets a little claustrophobic, especially with
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so that's what happened and they panicked a bit but no one being treated at the moments but some
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all new at
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i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. if you or a loved one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options. aging happens. we make it easier. he. t passengers kicked out a window to escape a smoke-filled train. we just heard live from boston
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overheated motors caused that smoke at the station. passengers say it felt like the train hit something and dragged it. fire department confirming no one was hurt. >> tonight friends and family saying goodbye to a local woman killed by a flying manhole cover on the expressway last week. the church in winchester the celebrated caitlin's life with a funeral mass today. the 35-year-old was a triathlete and an art teacher at a milton school. she was on her way to work on friday when the heavy metal car. after the crash, crews inspected every manhole along the expressway. state police are still investigating how that cover got so loose. >> fox 25 investigates, we've uncovered new concerns about how covers. we wanted to learn more about the progression following caitlin's death.
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to the governor with the answers. >> the tragic death of caitlin was killed last week after an airborne manhole cover blasted through her car on 93. baker telling us right away hundreds of manhole covers in the tunnels and near boston were immediately infected. but what about statewide? did you have them all checked? not just the ones in the boston area? the. >> we had d.o.t. looking somewhere between 900 and 1,000 covers of all kinds and think took some cautionary actions. >> why not check them all? >> there are other things that are more productive that we like people to be doing as well while we're out there reviewing the safety of our roads and bridges. >> reporter: when i asked him, governor baker couldn't tell me how many manhole covers were not getting checked on state roads, so i reached out to the department of transportation, a mass-dot spokeswoman couldn't give me an exact number, telling me there could be as many as 100,000 metal covers on state roadways, and then she told me
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database listing every metal cover under mass-dot's jurisdiction. she says between 900 and 1,000 manhole covers are in the lanes of travel, we're told most in the boston area. she tells us the ones in the tunnel are inspected every two years and while mass-dot says some man hoe covers across the state are checked even more frequently than that, she did admit some don't get checked every two years. the. >> tholing a random tragedy, not the first time tragedy has struck in the big tons. a light fix fewer catling not ground in 2011 and all future fixtures were reinforced with zip ties and crews were ordered to check them every six months. >> should they be checked more frequently than every two years, the light fixtures, for instance, are checked every six months? >> yes. we're following the standards
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highway administration on this. >> we have asked the d.o.t. for more information on some of the repairs that they've made over the last few years regarding manhole covers and waiting to hear back. live at the state house, sharman sacchetti, fox 25 news. dangerous rescue in boston after a tug boat tank with three people on board. >> the tug boat started going down this morning just 5 miles east of deer island. the captain heard a distress call from his friend on the tug boat. he moved his boat as fast as possible to come to their rescue. >> unfortunately, the tug sank right in front of us. it was there one second and then it was gone. >> all three men are okay but the captain says they are lucky the rescue is so quick because of the frigid waters and
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you can see this suv is partially on top of one of the other cars. state police tell us there were some injuries but there's no word right now on just how extensive they were. >> a firefighter is out on bail tonight charged with inappropriatedly touching his female babysitter. prosecutors say shaun bodiawitz made several lewd comment tots 15-year-old girl and inappropriately touched her on several locations. shrewsbury town manager says he just learned of these allegations and now investigating. but diowitz denies the claim. a plane had to be diverted to manchester due to bad weather. they were forced to stay overnight in new hampshire before boarding a new flight this morning only to fly to new york city and then circle back and fly back to logan because of bad weather again. nightmare trip home. fox 25's ted daniel spoke to passengers who thought the plane was going to crash at 1.because of severe turbulence. he's live with their story right
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ted. 32 hours and two unexpected places to stop in new york city arrived a couple of hours ago. i thought i would show you, it'd be easier to show you the route that these passengers have taken over the last couple of days. they started yesterday in the dominican republic, flew up to new york and circled jfk, got diverted all the way up to spent the night there. this morning they flew back to jfk, circled again. got diverted because of weather. came to boston. we were here this afternoon when they left for the third and final time to new york? delta flight pushing back at forward.
10:23 pm
by phone, passenger jaryd kennish says the pilot tried but was unable to land at new york's jfk airport. i have never experienced turbulence like this in my life. i felt he like i was being tossed around like a toy. you felt every single drop, you felt every single turn. the babies were crying. there was -- i don't know -- there were people throwing up. >> reporter: tensions and tempers were already sky high for the 150-plus passengers, because weather had prevented them from landing at jfk the night before. instead, they ended up in manchester, new hampshire and spent hours waiting for u.s. custom screeners from maine to arrive and process them. and to make matters worse, the flight crew had timed out, so they were forced to spend the night in a hotel room passenger nicole rosenfield says the plane didn't end up leaving manchester till this afternoon, two hours late. >> they let us take off to jfk
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off in the first place. and it was the scariest experience of my life. there was a little girl in front of me throwing up the entire time. >> in a statement, delta airlines tells us that both divisions were made for one reason, and that is safety. snow yesterday in new york, wind and turbulence today at jfk. some passengers are asking for
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no word yet if (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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a saweddian arabian ban has surrendered his passport after prosecutors say he threatened to blow up a hospital. he pled not guilty today. police say he want to a brockton hospital after a fight with his roommate and hospital workers
10:28 pm
threatened to strap a bomb to himself and blow the hospital up. police trying to track down this man after he tried to rob a local store. officers say surveillance cameras recently caught the suspect as he tried to steal lottery tickets from a rutland business. if you recognize him, call police. police say thieves robbed a delivery driver at gun point. it happened sunday night in worcester. the driver told police he was trying to deliver food when three young hen came up behind him with a gun and robbed him. the suspects are described as two hispanic men and one possible asian man. they were all wearing hoodies. 30 years ago a teenager went to buy cigarettes but never came home. >> a nearby neighbor heard what they thought was a scream and heard a car taking off. >> decades later, her family still hasn't stopped looking for her killer. next at 10:00, new england's unsolved bob ward talks with her family about the new push to crack the case and get closure.
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winds have moved
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tracy was 15 years old when she was killed. her body found in a state forest in plymouth. >> in tonight's new england's unsolved, bob ward shows how 30 years later her family is still offering a big reward as they search for tracy's killer. >> reporter: this cumberlin farms convenience store is the last place 15-year-old tracy gilbert was ever seen alive. >> that night, i knew something was wrong. >> reporter: 21 days after tracy left a party to buy cigarettes here, tracy's body was found more than 14 miles away in the woods of the state forest. the m.e. says tracy died a brutal death. >> she had significant brain trauma, died to a massive blow to her head. >> reporter: in 1986, tracy was a silver lake regional high school freshman and like many other people her age simply wanted to hang out with her
10:33 pm
wednesday night, a school night, tracy went to a party here in this house. it was the last night cathy would ever see her daughter. >> every time she'd come in or leave, she'd always say i love you. and i just told her, you know, be careful. >> reporter: the next morning when tracy didn't come home, the family knew there was trouble. carrie is tracy's big sister. >> in school, nobody had heard from her. when i came home from school, the phone rang off the hook, and i think it was at that point, i think we all realized something was wrong. the investigation revealed that she walked to cumberlin farms. the worker remembers tracy talking to someone in a jeep out here in the parking lot before she went insidele. then the calendar said tracy left the store and came out here and used the pay phone to make a phone call.
10:34 pm
store closed, the clerk offered tracy a ride home. tracy refused and started walking. >> a nearby neighbor heard what they thought was a scream and heard a car taking off. >> reporter: days turned into weeks until finally october 2nd, tracy's body was found. >> she was abducted from a place where she was and taken to another county where she was brutally murdered. in all these years, tracy's family has not given up. carrie is now a captain with the massachusetts state police harassment community unit and when she thinks about her sister's murder, beaten to death in the state forest, she sees a lot of anger. >> somebody was angry. >> reporter: but who could that be? a mystery driving tracy's family and police searching for a killer. nothing is ruled out. >> if it's a total stranger, she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
10:35 pm
all aware that can happen. >> then 1986. >> yeah, when you least expect it. >> it is now 30 careers since tracy's murder. her family still so frustrated about this case, they're now offering a $10,000 reward to anyone with information leading to an arrest and the prosecuting of her killer. if you know anything, please contact the mass state police at the d.a.'s office, for new england's unsolved, i'm bob ward. >> if you have new england's unsolved case you would like us to look into, email us at new england's solved at fox call 1-877-ne-unsolved. we have some heavy rain come through didn't we today, along with the gusty winds, everything you were expecting for the evening drive and more. it's all moving out tonight, and that's certainly some good news. here's some of the rain totals that we added up to during the afternoon and evening hours.
10:36 pm
most of this falling during this evening over an inch out here on cape cod, up to 3/4 or close to it in the boston area and up to nearly a half inch to the northshore and the merrimack valley. we have some hefty rain totals to be sure. what it's leaving behind is clearing skies over us tonight, and that's important to know because with these clear skies, the temperature, that's dropping. here's worcester's hour by hour breakdown through the morning. notice going all the way down to morning. when you get below freezing, have you all that water that fell today, clearly you're gonna have some icy spots. the black ice is going to form, your walkways and the roadways and roads that were treated before, but heavy rain washing away some of that treatment, could be untreated now. so be careful first thing in the morning for your early start. in boston, your low temperature going down to 44 degrees. that's close. in the immediate suburbs like newton, like needham, even cambridge, temperatures are gonna be in some spots at or just below freezing. have you to be aware of that overnight. in fact, your temperature drop taking you right through the morning.
10:37 pm
below freezing by midnight tonight out there in are worcester. 1:28 in the early-morning hours. bedford at 32 and boston at 34 degrees and worcester drops at 30. rebounding nicely for tomorrow, above freezing for the middle of the day and things will start to melt once again. overall a mild afternoon after an icy start tomorrow. your threats, wind, just a mild threat right now. still some gust its out there but no more rain and snow falling tonight but the ice at least a moderate threat through the morning hours. check back with shiri first thing in the morning so you faux where the ice is or follow us on your weather app so you know what you're dealing with in the morning when you step out. most of you will be deal at least for the potential for icing. sunshine through the day tomorrow. it will warm us up nicely. mostly clear tomorrow night. notice some snowshowers to the north. you'll see that change on thursday and into friday with the cooler temperatures. tomorrow's highs, though, aren't so bad.
10:38 pm
the 40s tomorrow after seeing highs today in the 50s. this is gonna feel a little bit cooler but still nonetheless there will be temperatures throughout that will be in the 40s during the day tomorrow. here's our seven-day forecast. look at this on thursday and friday, temperatures in the mid-30s across the way. and those temperatures have been, well, they're gonna be back to normal levels. by saturday and sunday, look at that. 46 on saturday and 48 sound. things are getting warmer one more time. >> monday and tuesday, there will be showers from time to time that where we'll be watching for the potential for our next storm system now, the computer models show a storm pushing up the coast towards us. we're talking seven days out so there's no guarantee it will actually make it on in here. but it looks like there will be
10:39 pm
tell this far out is how much or if you expect it to be rain or snow in a certain location. earlier indications is snow to rain event in boston but snow north and west. 46 saturday, 48 on sunday. and what that says to me is hit the slopes. indian river lagoon be back with a breakdown on what the storm looks like next week. >> fox 25's kathryn burcham is live where she has more on the update we just got from fire officials in the last 15 minutes.
10:40 pm
>> vanessa and mark, i know that mbta says that service is resuming but i want to show you this mbta employee who just stepped outside and now telling folks to walk down to the next t stop at hey market and he's saying that this station remains closed after that incident on the tracks earlier tonight. the fire chief tells us that as a train was coming here into the state street station, it began dragging a piece ofingly that was on the track. the fire chief says that debris then damaged the third rail, and that caused an overheating of the motors on the subway car. that caused a large amount of smoke to fill the tunnel and the
10:41 pm
amongst the passengers who were down there. that first car that was affected, that had the issue with the debris, we are told, was stopped and evacuated. another car that came after that then had passenger so scared of seeing the smoke in the tunnel they kicked out a window in the subway car and tried to jump out of the train. let's take a listen to the fire chief. >> the mbta is investigating how that got on to the tracks. >> and as we understand, that's what mbta officials are still doing inside the station right now. certainly a carry couple of
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president obama speaking after an asian economic summit, the president says other world leaders are concerned about the talk coming from a republican president including -- presidential candidates, i should say, including donald trump but these confident voters will make the right decision. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people. and i think they recognize that being president is a serious job >> south carolina saying president of the new cnn poll has donald trump with a big lead in the republican primary. as for the democrats hillary clinton is 18 points ahead of bernie sanders of more than likely voters and half of south carolina's primary voters are undecided with the primary just a few days away. all of the campaigning taking a toll on clinton's voice.
10:46 pm
she got hit with a coughing fit that just wouldn't fit. >> to represent inmates... >> excuse me. coughing ] [ applause ] >> too much to 78. >> the crowds were very supportive to hear the audience say her name. we have the entire 2 minute clip on our web site, go to you think of skiingth not usually through the streets of downtown boston. >> up next we're taking you
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. trap inside of a tram, a ski area this weekend, officials in cannon mountain say a malfunction caused two trams to stop stranding people 15 feet up in the air. they had to use rope to lower people down. ted daniel spoke to one of the weekend. you can find that interview and the whole story on new at 10:00, skiing on the the streets of boston, it might sound and look a little unusual, and to the two new englanders who did it say they're okay with
10:49 pm
>> jackie heinrich joins us now with more on this viral video that has our jaws dropping and i'm sure anyone who watched it. >> yeah, mine too, actually. >> what you're about to see are not your typical moves. >> reporter: who could forget boston's record snowfall last year. these two guys took advantage in a way you probably never seen, cam riley and clayton dela, the two pro skiers getting nationwide recognition from an excerpt from their documentary. it just went viral last week. and it's clear why. these stunts even give the x games a run for their money. fox 25 caught up with them over skype from their current spot and smolderly boulder colorado. >> we've done a lot of more traditional skiing in the past like competitions and stuff like, that but these days we kind of focus on doing this kind of stuff. the street skiing stuff.
10:50 pm
guys say they're not the only ones doing these stunts. there's actually a bit of an underground culture to it but lots of stunts are done at night where they say police don't get in the way as much. >> we have a lot of issues, but, you know, lives and what not, but at the end of the day, they kind of realize that we're not ill intentioned and that we're just, you know, trying to do some skiing and something creative with our time. >> reporter: and they certainly achieved that, many of these shots took multiple tries which is why the video took a party part of a year to get produced even though it was shot in 2015. >> kind of aimlessly roaming and sometimes you just try things that don't work, you know. sometimes you spend a couple weeks just for one few-second clip. >> if you're wondering what i was wondering, the answer is no, inn nobody was hurt duke that
10:51 pm
got permission from most of the vehicle and building owners used in those stunts. very impressive. bruins in the midst of a four-game road trip, tonight they face the blue jackets team among the worst in the east from an offensive perspective. this is a far cry from sunday's game in detroit. blue jackets got a pent shot in the first, alexander, one on one with tukka, gives jackson a early lead but close the door in columbus on 28. 1-1 through 20 minutes. actually 1-1 through 60 minutes. they went to ot. how great is this. that is your game winner.
10:52 pm
it with a 2-1 final. mayo hanging up the cleats, finished the last three years on ir well torn peck toal muffs. pectoral muscles. the numbers are impressive, two super bowl appearances, one title with the pats. let's get off this one. not tom brady and roger goodell. we'll get back to that one. we honor gerard mayo as he finishes his career. meanwhile, daunte is coming back, brought back to the patriots to coach offensive line. he spent parts of four different decades in new england. this will be his first stance with the patriots. matt lithed said the team will get an upgrade because daunte is returning.
10:53 pm
away from the nba deadline. do they go for it or not and at what price? a report from the boston herald that the celtics have inquired about the clippers and further reports today that it may indeed open to the idea of moving griffin but that would intrigue me to see this guy wear the green. we're back with more sports at 11:00. a lot more news to come. here's what we're work on right now coming up at 11:00. we're updating breaking news on the tracks, we've been following for you since the top of 10:00. smoke filling the state street station on the orange line. passengers actually jumping out of t cars. the very latest straight ahead. and then new at 11,, a dog mal unusual nourished, injured and found dumped on the side of
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severe weather slamming into southern florida this morning. >> one driver was taking video of all the rain and was scene. take a look here. anthony sirachi couldn't believe next to the road there in pompano beach. debris slamming into his car. flashes as the power lines snapped. he quickly drove out of the storm and was not hurt. >> incredible. that's amazing video, but here back home we had our own issues. rain and strong winds as high as 60-plus miles per hour. temperatures out there falling tonight, 30s north and west, already 30 in worcester. watch for temperatures to fall despite some sunshine when you wake up. you'll have to watch out for the black ice to form up after all
10:57 pm
128 close to boston right up the coastline through southeastern massachusetts, at least near the shore of plymouth county, temperatures will stay above freezing. i'll have the latest look ahead to our neck storm at 11:00. s. smoke filling the orange line as we begin at 11:00 with an update to breaking news we've been following for the past hour and a half. a chaotic situation as people try to get out of windows. >> good evening, everyone. >> we know what may have caused all of this in the first place. let's get out to kathryn burcham with the breaking details. katherine. 77 necessary sark fire officials confirm within the last hour, it was actually a piece of sheet metal that fell on the track causing all of those issues, but they did get it cleared up pretty quickly. as you can see behind me the t stop is now back open with passengers in and out, mbta officials just trying to figure out what went wrong that started
10:58 pm
the fire chief tells us that one train began dragging a piece of sheet metal that was sitting on the tracks and that damaged the third rail. that then caused the motors in the train to overheat which filled the tunnel and the state street platform with smoke. when the first car pulled in, passengers were evacuated. the second car that pulled in behind it, witnesses say people on the subway car began panicking and taking out the windows, trying to escape the train. many thought there might have been a fire on the tracks. mbta officials have now confirmed that there was no fire and no one was injured. still we spoke to one witness who took photos of all the chaos and said she knew immediately that something was wrong. there was a loud grinding sound and i was on face thyme with my sister and said
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